Wednesday, 5 October 2016

True expression of love

My love :            
         A letter to you from my heart, each moment i remember the misery i cannot unravel about my love for you , the good and best of time we had togeda, how much graceful it was to always be with u each time am far away from you i wish i am in a world with my heart, with the person i always want to feel. your smile brightens me and gets  me to my feet, if this where to be a dream i rather not wake from it, it so pleasant having a dream of a world dominated by me and you .
          I build each day with the thought of having you by my side each moment , times i get intoxicated by your love  i have the dream of you, i breath the peace that your love breath to my life, sometimes ago i was wondering in the desert of no love my heart cracking speedily it was breaking right before my eyes, far  was i carried away with hurt and i found you holding your hands out to embrace me with your love i bless the day i meant you all my world became whole and i felt a relief in my heart.
         My love if you where to be a house i will dwell in you for the rest of my life i respect no regret in your love for me whatever the challenges and trails we may face i will strive and hold on to your love for the respect of time we have to spend in the world we build each moment, no one can make me so perfect like the way you make me feel each moment, your light in my world are as bright as the sun that sets in the day and has radiate as the moon of the night.
          Words cannot express my love it like a burning fire that sets all ablaze, a deep and burning sensation that keeps coming every minute i live, i dare not deny it i cant live each minute without the thought of you , in you i found love with you i breath love by you i am loved, i see love as the best part of my life.
            Reading this dont feel  flattered cause they are the best and rare words of my heart to you, from the first day i met you a great joy stroke in my heart one which i can never explain, the first words you said to me were pleasing and comforting i will never forget that, i wont betray your love for me i will never make you tear  cause have changed my name and i bear love that has no condition of stay, no duration and boundary , i promise to keep your love in my heart and guide it jealously like a priceless gold.

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