Wednesday, 19 October 2016

My heart

In the middle of my fears I fell to the east desperately the waves were so calm to me. I could not wait to listen to the ocean has it sings of trouble. I sailed past the west all I could see was the calm windy breeze I enjoyed, my heart was bleeding but I was lost in pleasure to notice all about me. I sailed in passion and strength with the unknown who appears to be known . I fell off the cliff when I could not breath I broke my heart and it shattered right before me, the known turned to be unknown he had no pity on my bleeding heart. He sailed away leaving me behind to suffer with my broken heart................. I was in mystery  drown in pain  my tears could not end. I waited till I saw a good friend who came for me and help me heal. No matter how broken or dissapointed you can be believe you have a Jesus who is a true friend. He will heal your heart take away your pain and mend your heart. This poem is dedicated to all those who have suffered from heart break or those who are still in pain and agony over a break up. Let Jesus  be your true friend lead you the write way...........

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