Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Jes and alos part 2

Jes having much invested his time on a failed marriage with alos decided to quit his affairs with alos and start all over again. He felt a little offended with his fake reasoning about wealth and why he had to marry alos just to a mass wealth. Their company shares were equally divided they sold their house and shared the money equally. Their was no marriage for alos and jes any more meeting at work each day was a pain in the head for jes, alos was always shouting and yelling, being a co-ceo he could not help the situation. He decided to talk to Alos about selling the company so dey could spilt and have nothing to do with each other anymore. Alos yelled on hearing on the news about selling the company, jes you are going to where, if you can no longer condole me then walk away my father gave us the money to start this company the only mistake I made was that I included your name. Just know this my being childless today was because of the several abortion I had for you back in school. You dated me cause my parent are rich and influencial you married me because of my money, now you want us to sell the company and have your share of what was not your making jes you will rotten in hell. Calm down alos pls, don't calm me down jes you want to go out there and start a new life a family I will make sure I ruin all your plans. Get out of my office. Jes was confused he could not make his point. He went to the marriage counsellor  who told him to go for a divorce how the whole situation turned ugly after the divorce. Alos is ready to ruin me, sir can you help me mend the whole situation. The counsellor could not help staring at the jes who was down and frustrated ........ Watch out for part 3

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