Friday, 30 September 2016

Jes and Alos Mystery

Jes and Alos Mystery Episode one
Jes and alos fell in love just for one reason both were intelligent and felt they had the world with that. Alos had a storming heart she hardly could ruminate on things quietly. She had a defensive ego that spills a lot of milk. Jes has a bit of the trait in him. But he could belie his action with his cool mood. They always at each other's neck. Sick and tired of their relationship, both parties could not quit they had a lot together that would crumble once they end the relationship.
Jes decided to seek the elders for advice. In his ten years of marriage days with peace can be listed. While the troubled days lost count. He could no longer deal with this; he wanted money he got the wealth and now he lost his peace.
Alos being a stubborn women could destroy all they worked for. They were both signatory to their Account. She was childless this was a serious ache for her and jes took it lightly, Jes narrated his experience in dismay to the elderly man who happens to be the counsellor his friend introduced to him. The man shook his head he could sense the bitterness in jes spirit.
Watch out for episode two…………….

Monday, 26 September 2016


Emotional intelligence
Women are emotionally flexible compared to men; when a woman is in love you see the full expression of affection in her doings. Getting into a woman's heart is simply using the right key to open a door; No matter how highly built a door might seem to be; once you have the key to open that door Your access is granted.
This is applicable to women once you can get the right key to her heart. Your access will be fully granted. One reason why women must be careful; every guy knows an average woman wants care, love, attention and protection and once he can give all of that, she falls into his arms, his games and deceit.
Am not trying to say all guys are players but learn to define the motive behind your relationship
With your man. The fact that women are emotionally flexible does not mean we are not reasonable with our choices. But the bottom line is a lot of women fail to follow their heart.
They rather follow what they can hold that seem visible to them at the moment; it is a beautiful thing to fall in love. But do you ever seat down and think about the amount or to what level you get back what you give. You should think about each step you take in your relationship.
Are we heading to a future or it temporal? A guy can play a fool game to get you. He sits when you ask him to sit. You scream he burst into tears, don't be surprise that same guy can ask you to go for abortion when he impregnates you. Every woman must be sure of what she wants. If you don't care about being deceived as a woman as far has you get all the goodies and pleasure you want; heart break should not be a problem for people who think that way. But you if care so much about making the right choice be careful about the steps you take, about the man you fall for. Be sensible in your decisions to avoid getting hurt and betrayed.
Don't be fooled, learn to be patient, don't push a man to the extreme where he has to plot to lure you into his games. Don't be ridiculous rather be smart. Don't be too harsh but be firm and principled. That the only way you possibly can take control of your love life